Monday, June 9, 2014

Fight Practice 6/8

Did not get in as much fighting as I would have liked -- Dave and I switched off on the filming and it was hot, so people got gassed. Still too open on the centerline, so I think I may need to start doing my pell work with my shield again and making sure "I close the door" when I throw. Also, way too many backhands. I must break the habit where I throw 3+ backhands in a row and use my target selection skills. I am doing well with shield manipulation and attacking the centerline from my knees, but I am on my knees way too much -- usually getting chopped in the legs when I am chopping their legs, so I need to be more cognizant of my shield position when I am throwing the on side leg. Also my deep backhand is hitting people in the shoulder/body and is getting called as an arm too much. I need to tighten up the targeting on that if I am going to throw it. I had one really good fight against Davin where I stayed aggressive with my body and shield, but waited to throw until the timing was perfect. I need to do more of that, and of course it did not get filmed. I felt better about the smoothness of my footwork, I looked and felt less tentative. I think I was manipulating range better as well, but I still need to make more subtle misdirection body movements. I need to stop throwing a blow to block -- the shield is for blocking and the sword is for killing.

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