Thursday, June 5, 2014

Fight Practice 6/4/2014

Went out to timm's to fight last night and everyone bailed except me and Timm. Which is okay since Timm is usually my toughest fight at practice anyway. We did 5 sets, maybe six. Both of us working on stuff and we had some intense fights. Timm let me know I need to block my centerline better, so that will go on the actively work on list for the next month or so. Things that were working well for me included the snap (yay!!!!), my thrusts, off side body and leg shots. I was also doing a pretty good job of blocking my head both on side and offside and really shutting that down. Timm helped me figure out what was going wrong with my offside leg shot and I was able to adapt his advice and fix it in the next set, so that was a success. Also, thinking about angles and mis-direction and working that more into the fight. Had some success at controlled aggression as well. Really need to think about keeping my hand close to my body when I am in tight, so that my shots hit on the sweet part of the stick. Also need to think about throwing the thrust palm to the side to better set up the transition to the offside. All in all a very productive practice. Hopefully I will get another fight practice in this weekend. This week has been very good for getting the pell work and cardio in every day as well. Training is going good.

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