Monday, April 1, 2013

April . . . .

It is April and I feel unsatisfied and like I am searching to find the joy in fight practice again.  I love fighting, I do not particularly like our local fight practices.  The practices are always hit or miss attendance wise and we have some challenging personalities.  I think if Davin or Thorin were showing up regularly, things would be different -- they tend to draw everyone out.  But, right now practice is not something I am looking forward to.  I'm hoping going to Sean's Ludus at the end of the month will help me find my inspiration again.  I am sort of at the point where I just want to fight in the backyard with villius, because I know I will have fun. 

Anyway, today starts the beginning of the century drill, which i will likely modify for my needs -- i need to do shield work and more that 100 blows a night, but the century drill will at least get me out on the pell every night to get work done.  It is also finally staying light late enough, without a ton of rain, that pell work is not daunting like it is in December.

Villius and I were planning on going to Artemisian Crown in Boise this weekend, but I think we are going to stay home instead.  We'll see.

Fight practice over the weekend was hard.  I think I had a touch of the flu and just felt like I was fighting in jell-o. The video does not look terrible, but it felt off.  And I only got to fight Sir Antonio once -- I need more than one pass with him!