Friday, February 8, 2013

Wednesday fight

went back to regular fight practice finally.  i was a little worried that i would not enjoy myself.  or that the pell work would not translate wll into full speed.  but i did enjoy myself and lots of what i have been working on in drills and on the pell translated well, i have lots more work to do, but i felt like what i brought was better than where i had assessed myself as being.  My snap is still too tentative -- i need to relax and just let it go -- Vilius had a good idea and at the next practice, the only shots that will count for me will be onsides -- wraps and snaps; i can fake the poke, i can fake the backhand, or the slot, but i need to kill with the onside.  if i throw a killing or disabling blow that is not an onside, I will likely be calling it back probably as "flat" or something or just telling my opponent that i am working on something and i am unable to allow the fight to end with what i threw.  i think most of the people i fight and practice with will be fine with that. 

Vilius and i did a bunch of drill work first at practice cause no one else was in armor when we were ready to go, we did some shield hook drills and blocking by stepping in and shutting down my opponent's offense and turning to face the blow to block until you decide to step in and throw and do a blocking while striking maneuver.  All very helpful.  Vilius and i also fought each other left handed for a short set -- need to do this more because it is so not natural and it takes forever for one of us to actually land something decent on the other.  Fought single sword with Jennifer, which was fun, I worked on blocking her attack and then making a different attack everytime.  it was super fun -- 1) because she did not arm hunt and neither did i and 2) because neither one of us went for the double kill -- it is the kind of single sword i enjoy.  then timm and villius and i fought some and then everyone else joined in to sort of a bear pit -- fought sir payne, quaz and another guy whose name i am spacing on.  Worked on staying low, had some beautiful stuff and also some stuff that felt too forced.  next time in armor will be about the onside, staying low and staying relaxed.

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