Monday, February 25, 2013

sunday fight

kennydale practice yesterday.  Started with Villius and doing some drills and working on throwing 8 to 10s only.  and working the timing on the snap and the wrap.  My defense felt pretty good.  also fought both constantine and William -- mostly wanted Constantine to work on attacking my stick side and moving that way and out of the shield quadrant.  I did a lot of just sucking up his offense; same with William -- I felt palpable frustration from both of them -- I may need to reassess how I train with them, or really work on throwing in a lot of positive feedback when they do something right, because not letting them hit me, was not helping either one of them mentally.  Brendan and Timm told me that my Sven wrap to the leg does not look like it is turning over at the end and looks flat.  It does not feel flat in my hand, so I'm not sure what the problem is.  Watched the video a bunch and it does not look flat to me in the video either -- it looks like the blade is hitting the target at an angle instead of straight in, so it may look flat, by the color of the blade you can see, but my knuckles look like they are in the right position on the video -- anyway, I worked on this with a rebated sword on the pell this morning to make sure I am training edge on, and I'll likely do that for awhilw to make sure my technique is being ingrained correctly so that at speed I am not doing something wonky.

Fought Timm last -- worked on staying low, calm and fighting relaxed, wanted my heartrate to stay down and any time I felt it elevate, I forced myself to relax.  Timm said he was wondering about the backhand to the head he was hitting me with -- i told him that they felt shallow, like he was not finishing his blow, but moving into the return insted of into my head -- he said that he did not think he could throw the backhand harder than he was -- no animosity or accusation though, just two people trying to figure out what was going on, so that was nice and mature and adult of us.  so either I need to think about what I'm feeling on the not-so-new helm or Timm is not throwing as hard as he thinks he is.  I watched the video, unfortunately not all of our fights got filmed -- there was nothing on the video that looked like I had missed anything, and I honestly did not feel like any of his backhands that I did not take were even questionable good.  Anyway, Dave and I are going to assess it some more and see if it might be an equipment problem with me and I might need to regauge that area of my helm.  If it is not one thing, it is something else, sigh. 

On a different note, that MMA fighter, Ronda Rousey, is inspiring me  to up my training.  I do not know what it was about her, maybe her absolute deication and the grace with which she moves and her explosive power, but it has me all fired up to do what is necessary to be my best self.  I'll take it whatever it is.

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