Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mental Stuff

I have been reading, The Fighter's Mind by Sam Sheridan and it has been reasonating on all sorts of levels.  The author basically interviews a bunch of the elite fighters and coaches for the MMA, boxing, and wrestling and discusses what makes a fighter great or elite.  It mostly comes down to (1) loving what you are doing; (2) working harder than anyone else; and (3) an absolute belief in your ability tempered by the knowledge that you are always learning and that you can learn from everyone -- that losses do not make you a loser; losses are an opportunity to learn, adjust, improve and make yourself better.  

Pell work, cardio and strength training have been going well and we had a good drill practice last night and also watch a video of Sir Kjartan teaching out in Caid.  The more I watch people talk about what they do, the more I realize I am doing a bunch of the same stuff, a little different but based on the same premises.  Anyway, the content of the video was good, even if the sound quality was a litle poor. 

I am finding myself frustrated on the weight loss front.  I work hard and I eat right and the pounds are creeping down, but it is so slow.  I need to find the balance of keeping vigilant about my eating and exercising and where it is putting me weight wise, and not obsessing about what I weigh.  Right now, I think this might be my biggest barrier to letting myself become a dominate fighter -- I am too self-conscious about my body -- i think my essence is that of a warrior and this modern world that has me riding a desk for most of the day is so not conducive to what my body was made for and it makes it so hard to find the time to give my body the activity it needs to be the warrior it was born to be -- sometimes, I feel trapped by my plump body fueled by a mostly sedentary lifestyle.  What I think I need to make happen is bring a timer to work and every 50 minutes have it go off, and take a 5 to 10 minute break to  do core exercises, or planks, or pushups, or lunges or squats and then also make sure I take at least a 20 min break for lunch, bring my good walking shoes and a change of clothes and go for a power walk around the city.  Maybe that will be the goal for next week.

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