Thursday, February 21, 2013

My brief notes from Ulfred's class last sunday

My Notes from Jarl Sir Ulfred’s Class 2/17
(We also fimed the portion we were there for – we were a little late, and it should be up on youtube sometime soon)
Think in C – if you are thinking in A or B, you’ll dies
Worry about “adapting” in between fights, not during the fight
Chicken Stance – a lot of people grip their sword too much and they lose the “snap” of the blow, keep in “ok” grip even when in high guard
Trigger off distance, threat assessment

Use your returns as defense – when you throw all the way through your target, your retuen can close the holes and openings you have created on yourself
“Flow Drill” – Throwing good blows and blocking get into rhythm; not trying to beat one another but to to get rhythm; (can eventually use this to throw off time or on half beats); concentrate on footwork and using return – what is the trigger you are working?  If you do not understand the flow, then it is hard to interrupt it – half beats, etc.
Difference between aggressive and assertive – aggressive can be mindless; assertive means imposing your will on the other fighter – get him to fight the way you want to fight the fight
Elite fighters throw quicker, more precise and more accurate – no necessarily harder or faster – there is a difference.
What is your power train?  Understand it, now how to utlize it in motion.

Where is your head at???

Where is your heart at??


used the new shield -- the handle is in the wrong position, I was dying to flat snaps left and right, the handle needs to come down a couple of inches so my block is the same
felt fatigued -- stayed low, but could not block my midline.
I need to hunt down and fight elite fighters.  I need to get my ass kicked when I am focused --- too much learning and trying new stuff and not focused ass kicking fighting.

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