Thursday, November 20, 2014

One Day at a Time

Yesterday made 50 days in a row of cardio, pell work, shield drills and body weight exercises. I am finding that now that I have made doing these things everyday a priority, that they are very easy to fit in to my lifestyle. Also, my last two fight practices have reinforced that doing the daily pell work and fitness and shield drills is translating in some very good ways into my fight at speed. Still struggling with actually losing weight, so I will need to refocus my efforts on the food front. My armor at practice last night did feel looser, so even if the actual weight is not coming off, it could be that my body is reshaping. Next fight practice I will get video and try to compare it to what I was doing a year ago to see what I have improved, what has deteriorated and where I need to refocus my efforts to eliminate deficiencies.

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