Monday, October 22, 2012

And so it goes

Last week was a pretty good week training wise considering I am still getting over the strep -- drill work with Vilius monday, Drill work with Villius and constantine tuesday, Wednesday went to practice and watched and lent out my armor, also did some stick work, thursday pell work. friday pell work, saturday pell work, sunday fight practice.  Villius has been super motivated and really good about coming up with a syllabus for drill work and identifying different areas he wants me to work on, which has been really nice.  For the enxt month or so, it will likely be alla bout getting my wrap in shape, getting the snap to feel effortless and working on throwing the thrust as a second or third blow instead of always the initiating blow.  We have also been working defense a ton with turn and face the blow drills.  Fighting full speed yesterday, I could really tell I had been drilling this stuff because my shield caught stuff i was not sure I had and I had some real success with the blows i have been focusing on.  I am super excited to be working on all this stuff with Vilius.

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